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Croatoan 2015 Print on fabric (lithography and silkscreen) 90 x 460 cm A colony vanished from Roanoke Island in 1590, leaving behind only a carving: ”Croatoan”. Value of this colony has changed due to its mysterious evanescence for without the disappearance they would’ve only been a settlement among many others. The trees on the prints are all endangered: Bois Dentelle, two trees left Sophoro Toromiro, extinct, resuscitation in process from seeds Araucaria Araucana, the living fossil, extinct in nature alive as a commodity Dracaena Draco, vulnerable, its blood-red sap is believed to have medicinal purposes Adansonia Grandidieri, is losing its habitat.



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Postal Customer Experience

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Postal Customer Experience 2017 Performed at Disponere, 5th Base Gallery, London